Saturday, July 21, 2007


All I can say is that Family Guy Live was dirty!

and Me likey!

Me likey!

Me likey!

Me likey!

And lookie look... Misster-Kitty had a date!

Didier could not make it (see The French are coming! The French are coming!) he was in charge of a BBQ fo a bunch o' Francais. So I though who is a fan(atic) of Family Guy... N@ is! And so I offered up me extra ticket.

What was interesting is that the live reading was from an episode this past season called "'Airport '07" And when Seth MacF announced the episode, the audience was not that responsive, he even commented about that. After it was all over N@ asked me If I had ever seen that episode and I said No, and neither had she. I'm thinking it was never aired or possible pre-empted here in Canada. At any rate it was very amusing although I'm a little unsure about the 'High School Prom Trash Can Baby' musical number... I've never though, Hm that's in bad taste, one of my fav episodes is where Peter is in a barbershop quartet and announces to a patient in a hospital that he has AIDS... ("...not HIV but... full blown AIDS" ) but the trash can baby scene had me waivering...

What is impressive with Seth MacF is he is the voice of Peter, Brian Stewie, Quaigmire and Tom Tucker, all of who had many many lines in this episode and at a certain point he was reading whole conversations by himself. No small feat!

When the episode was over, Seth MacF did a couple song numbers... "The FCC" and another that escapes me at the moment... and then Mike Henry as "Herbert"(the senior pedophile sang 'Some where that's green" from Little Shop of Horrors. Later Alex Borstein and Seth MacF sang 'You don't bring me flowers" but changed a couple of the lyrics to "You don't eat my pussy..." "You don't cup my scrtom.." and so on. As I said... MUCHO UNCENSORED. a Freakin RIOT! There were a few 'fucks' and other naughty words thrown in throughout the show too. I like me some potty humour and this show had it.

What was even more impressive, was the FCC song, which is all Seth MacF... it's Stewie, Brian and Peter. It's one thing to do all the voices back and forth, but to also be singing...without reading the lyrics. That was incredible. BRA-VO!

What I like about the show is they are equal opportunity in mocking, poking fun at and ensuring that everyone and everything is a target, and yet you know they do so with love.(well mostly) They make points with social commentary and also have more than their fair share of attacking the American government... regardless of the adminstration. But it their mastery of pop culture references, far more and far better than the Simpsons or South Park that REALLY makes this show for me.


THE highlight for me was when he did the "Lois, Lois, Lois, Lois, Mamma, Mamma, Mamma, Mamma, Mah, Mah, Mah, Mah, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..." lines... that is my all time favourite and it was freakin sweet seeing him do it live.. .

They did a little Q&A and then thet gave the audience a sneak peak of the up-coming season's premiere... a spoof of Star Wars... it is gonna be AWSONE! Cannot Wait... and then faster than you can say "Giggity Giggity Giggity" poof... 2 hours alter it was over.

I didn't get my chance to grope Seth G or Seth MacF but given the opportunity I'd hade done both of em they're both patooties!

After the show I actually met Corn too! (A friend of his won tickets too so it seems) What's funny, is he's shorter than I expected! I guess cause in comparrison to N@ in their vids he IS technically taller... I guess for some the camera ads a few pounds... for corn it adds a few inches. (well in height anyway.. I've not seen any other videos to confirm any other heights! hah!)


What I for sure is that as long as they come back I will go see em!


N@ Lauzon said...

HEY FELLAH!! Thank you sooo much for letting me whore myself out for your ticket!
Y'know what's funny? The Prom Night Dumpster Baby thing... while the song was happening, I thought to myself, "Y'know, when they SAY 'prom night dumpster baby' on it's own, it is much worse than when they follow it up with the musical number. The song somehow makes it more palatable because the baby is alive and we see him actually leave the dumpster."

Anyone else reading this thinks I'm a freak. are the breast and I had a great time. And Corn normally wears heels, but flats are in this season.

N@ Lauzon said...

p.s. Corn's friend actually BOUGHT the tickets! WHAT? PEOPLE BUY TICKETS TO STUFF????!!


no grabbing, eh?
what's this?
all talk, no action????
or lack of opportunity??


Maria said...

Guess when a gal who is taken goes out on a date with a fellow who is gay she does not have to worry about being groped. Its a win/win situation.

Glad you guys had a great time.

Misster Kitty said...

@ N@...

I'm 'the breast" - heh. N@ said Breast...

Although after the show that's phenomenally tame!

Yea, I can see corn in some foxy 6 inch stiletto hooker boots... you know... all fuchsia patent leather with flames going up the side... for his friend BUYING tickets... that's just sooooo OLD SCHOOL! I swear after the Scissor Sisters and Family Guy Live I really don't think I ever want to pay for tickets again...

- - - - -

@ Ticklebear...

Yea the lack of Grope opportunities was a bit disappointing... and after seeing Seth MacF in the flesh, it would have been a pleasure to grab on him too...

Even with this disappointment it was still an incredible night!

- - - - -

@ Maria...

Gotta say I was a little off put that N@ didn't even make the attempt to grope ME!

Oh well...

Maria said...

maybe N@ doesn't grope on a first date!!

Ask her out on a second!

Misster Kitty said...

Just might hafta do dat!