Friday, July 6, 2007

Mangos, and All That Jazz...

We went to the Jazz Festival tonight, oh, excuse me... LE Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. We'd be wanting to go since it started back on June 28th, but either because of conflicting schedules, prior engagements or crapola weather, i.e.. RAIN, we only managed to get there tonight.

It was nice, we walked from our place to the festival site, and since it was a Friday and the weather was on our side there were lots of others doing the same thing. We got their at about 8 pm and instantly got something to eat. Heh. Jazz-smazz there was a Mexican joint selling Mango Flowers... and me and Didz LOVES our Mango Flowers (the local Mexican Resto around the corner from us was selling them last year at Divers-Cite (Pride) and the Out Games. We couldn't walk past the place without buying some.) If you don't know what a Mango Flower is, take a look...


Yours Truly (don't let the lack of Leopard Print fool ya, it's me)...

Now normal folk might have posed for the pics and smiled, looking into the camera holding the Flowers a staged distance from their mouths... not us, nosireebob, mango flowers were maid for eatin; not lookin at... If you get the chance to buy one do... it's such a refreshing alternative to an ice-cream (not that we have anything against ice cream mind you....) and if you do sprinkle your with the cayenne pepper/sour sugar... it makes it 1000 times more delish!

OK now where were we? oh yea, the Jazz fest. with Mango in hand, literally, we waded into the throngs of people. We caught the last 30 minutes of Johanne Desforges at the Alcan stage. She was ok, not really our cup of tea. She did 'Summertime' from Porgy and Bess, and it was a little too 'scaty' for us. Scat is good, if you're Ella, but otherwise... Then we caught Ryan Shaw at the main GM stage. He was fantastic. From the Southern US. Great voice, and a crowd pleaser.

After that we took another stroll. Got ourselves a little something cool n' alcoholly to sip on at the Amarulla tent. If you've not had Amarulla before, you are missing out! (We got hooked on this stuff last year, it's great on it's own, in hot chocolate, and it makes a killer ice cream...) Didz took the Iced coffee and Amarulla and I took the Mango puree and Amarulla (YUM-MY!) and onwards we walked...

Ok now here's where my hatred of all things 'mass-o-people- took over. I wouldn't say I'm an agorophobe or demophobe... what I am a bit freakish about are throngs of stupid mouth breathers that constantly bump into you, need to be in the exact spot you are or are they type that walk at 1/10 the speed of the crowd, seemingly unaware of the reality of the fact that they are causing even more traffic and pissing off people a plenty.

So I am trying my best to NOT let all the idiots around me ruin my evening... but then this prig and his wife cut me off, not once, not twice but three times. And how might you ask is it possible to do this three times... well they were the aforementioned 1/10 speed people... They just HAD to cut in front of me and then WOULDN'T MOVE, so I maneuvered around them, only for them to miraculously appear in front of me again. After the third time, as we were approaching the stars I said to Didier, 'I'll be back...time for me to piss these people off' I managed to just cut in front of Mr. Prig as he was about to take his first step up the stairs. I then walked at 1/10 if THEIR speed up the 20 steps and then stopped dead in my tracks at the top to, look around... Call me petty, call me a bitch, I don't care, I enjoyed myself to no end! I live for those moments! :-)

...back to the Jazz...

We strolled around a few more minutes and at the Samsung stage enjoyed some jamming by a group called the Spam Allstars. They were comprised of a DJ spinning back beats, a percussionist, a Trombone, a Saxophone and a Flute. They were up-beat and had the crowd grooving and dancing, and just let the music take them were it would. It was a bit loud (god I am getting old) but otherwise very enjoyable. We took one last stroll around and then headed back home.

A short but Sweet (thank you Mango and Amarulla) evening at the Jazz Fest 2007.

When we got back the village we kept walking along Ste Catherine Street. For the next 6 weekends, Ste-Catherine Street, between St-Hubert and Papineau is closed to all automobile traffic. All the restaurants, cafe's and bars have set up terrases and even a lot of the small businesses have tables set up wit sidewalk sales. It's fun, relaxed and VERY enjoyable. I wish it was like this all the time. The street is full of people walking and watching. You see someone you know ever couple of black, chat a few minutes and then continue on walking. It's a wonderful way to spend a relaxing weekend, or afternoon. So anyone that's in Montreal, I highly recommend sauntering on over to the Village over the next 6 weekends and spend an evening or an afternoon. Promenade, and then take a meal or a drink ... or two... and just let the time pass. Watch the people walk past. Nothing better than a little people watching... and dog watching too! My god seems every 2nd person has a dog! If you want a recommendation on a great place to eat, I highly recommend Mi Burrito (Ste-Catherine and Panet.) if you go you might even see us there! They ALWAYS have 2 for 1 Margaritas... need I say more?


Anonymous said...

we seem... to have some similar likes & dislikes.
likes: mango
amarullo (i was won over a couple of years back. yummy!!)
dislikes:STOO-PEED PEO-PLE!!!!!
personally, i prefer to trample all over them, i'll zoom in on those that stand in my way, & charrrrrge!!!!
call me a bitch!!!
must have been nice nonetheless, to go there.
there'll be other times :)~


Misster Kitty said...


Don't get me going on stupid people, I swear it's one of my biggest pet peeves and while in day to day life I only pass a couple of em, take a crowd of thousands, add tourists AND alcohol and the recipe is for uber-stupid people.

I try as much as possible to avoid such crowds, but because love makes you do sick things to yourself I will go to the Jazz Fest once a year.

Oddly enough I generally don't find the crowds that bad for Pride / Diverscite... oh wait one exception to that... last year at Mascara I totally snapped on this mincing diva wanna be couple. I tried to be good, I tried to be nice but when they started causing serious disruption in the crowd immediatly in front of and around us I gently nudged the person immediatly in front of me to the side and about 6 inches from both of their face, in as loud and venomous and psychopathically unstable as possible I shouted "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" One visibly recoiled, the other just sorta stared at me and blinked in shock and disbelief... I heard a couple other people shout YEA! and a few others laugh at them. It had the oh so desired effect. Not only did they indeed shut the fuck up, but they both slunk away with their tails between their legs.

I have such a low tolerance for such complete and utter dis-respect for others that I go vigilantly sooo quick.

And the worse part of it's like a drug. I feel SUCH a rush of adrenaline after the fact that I just scan the crowd looking for anyone else that would like a slice. HEH just reminiscing about this has my heart racing!

Yea I know. Therapy.

...but that IS my therapy!


Overall the evening was great and the Prig and his wifewere in fact so insignificant that it didn't ruin it for me/us.

Newsguy Bob said...

Me-OWW! Kitty's got his claws out. I should get you to come to the TV station some time, and let you answer the newsroom phone for a couple of hours, especially when the moon is full, compounding the stupid factor.

I like your style. I just wish I had the guts to go apeshit on people like that.

Okay, I'm going back to the word association game now. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT, BUDDY?!?

See: Apeshit is just not me.


me, i'm more into silent treatment.
i'm silent & deadly...
:)~ but when i do open my mouth,
it can be vicious.
i've been told i always seem to know where to hit for most effect...
not malicious by nature,
but no patience whatsoever...


Misster Kitty said...

NGB, I think you'd need another line to handle the complain calls from when they called me! ;-)


I don't know where I get such a lack of patience for the stupidity and/or ignorance and/or arrogance of others...

What confuses me, and what I'm often torn about is, what they say about 'you don't like in others what you don't like in yourself'... well I really don't think it's true in this case, because...
I don't get in peoples way (in general, or WITHOUT a purpose!),
I don't talk during movies,
I don't kick the seat in front of me,
I don't cut in lines,
I don't block entrances or exits,
I give up my seat to the elderly, pregnant, and handicapped,
I always offer my assistance to those with white canes especially within the Metro system - some accept, some decline... that's their option,
I hold open the door for people,
In crowds I make a concerted effort not to continually bump into, elbow or step on people's feet,
I'm not obnoxiously loud or boisterous in public,
I don't and won't use a cell phone and share my personal conversation with everybody in a 5 meter radius,
I don't go in the 6/12 items or less line if I'm over the limit,
I don't litter, spit or urinate in public,
I use deodorant.

So it's not the 'you don't like in others what you don't like in yourself' cliché... And it's not because I'm a wuss, I am just polite and considerate, but here's the thing I expect that you will be too.

It's plain, it's simple and it's real, I am violently allergic to stupid people. My reactions are often quick and unpredictable, I even surprise myself some times... and the worse part is there's no Epipen for it.

Maria said...

Gosh, I had lots of reading to catch up on today.

Thanks for the laughs.


nice to know you use deodorant...
should we bump into each other,
i guess i'd recognize you by sight,
rather than by smell...
nice to know!!

Misster Kitty said...

Well I don't ALWAYS use deodorant, but I wash, (you know, soap and water) and do so, at least once a day...

In fact it's one of the things I really am trying to work on to be greener (in an environmental sense) and cut down the showers I take. I've been known to take 3+ on really hot summer days, not so much to wash the stank off, but they are cold showers to cool off, I'm a total furnace -I sleep in the nude and above the covers even through most of the winter.( Hmmm, maybe I'm sharing a little too much aujourd'hui), so yea, anyway... trying to not waste so much water...