Monday, September 15, 2008


Fret none my pretties...

Misster-Kitty has not forsaken you. I just took a little Blog Vacation; in part because I had nothing to blog and also because I was otherwise occupied on Friday getting electrified needles in my legs, then getting my blood tapped, working out til I dropped on our new Wii FIT program on Saturday and Sunday, and then today having a hearing test...

Jambe de Kitty, (bien cuit).

On Friday, I had a an 8:30 am EMG for my feet. I am suffering from Neuropathy in my feet, I have little to no feeling in my toes especially the big ones (wink wink) It's a concern because of my Diabetes but thus far they cannot diagnose if it is caused BY the Diabetes or a lower back injury I received 12 years ago. ... either way because of the diabetes it IS something we have to watch.

An EMG (ElectroMyoGram) Basically it's a test where they measure responsiveness of your muscles by sticking a needle in your muscle and coursing electricity through it. Fun, no? Well, actually NO! I was fortunate in that the preliminary tests were just electrodes on my feet and then a low dose of electricity shot multiple times starting at my ankles then inch by inch up just behind my knees. One leg at a time and the father up the leg they go the more it hurts. Look I'm no pansy, I think I have a fairly good threshold on pain, but when it comes to repeated electrocution, yea I flinch and it friggin well hurts. When it came time for the actual EMG they only did my right leg as it is the worse of the two. They plugged the needle into my lower leg three separate times. And at each insertion they like to wiggle the needle around a bit... and THEN they add the electricity and THEN they ask you to relax while at the same time flexing your muscles. That was Friday morning, and it's now Monday night and you can still clearly see the holes left by the needles.

But that was only the start of my day, because I also still had to go for some blood work. I didn't HAVE to get it done the same day, but quite frankly I just wanted to get it over with, and at that point in the day, what was a few more needles, right? Well at least they were electrified!

We Wii are Fit.

Saturday we started with our newest Wii game. Finally after 5 months we were able to get a copy of Wii FIT. OH MY GOD this is amazing. It's really a workout. There's a balance board that you stand on and then do your choice of Yoga, Strength training, Aerobic activities or Balance activities. It's deceivingly entertaining while at the same time actually giving you a great work out. It charts your weight and BMI and has you create goals and has ongoing motivational virtual 'trainers'.

So far my favourite activities are Hula Hoop, Super Hula Hoop, Penguin Fishing, Ski Jump, Slalom and snow-board as well as the yoga. Gee-zus the yoga really works you out. I never understood how it was possible, but ho-ly!

We are WiiFit addicted!

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. We continued working out with WiiFit and continued uncovering more and more new games and activities. We had friends from Quebec City visiting for the weekend and we totally got them hooked. We received an email from them this evening telling us they will be buying a Wii in the coming days.

He said Kitty, I said wot. *

And so that pretty much brings us to today. Over the past few months I've noticed a pronounced difficulty in my hearing, so I spoke to my Doctor who referred me to a specialist for a hearing test. I arrived at 10:30 am (10 minutes late) I first saw the Doctor at 11:45 am, had a check-up and then had to wait for the actual hearing test until 1:00 pm. Results came with a consultation with the Doctor 15 mins later.... As was expected I have hearing loss in both ears, slightly more in my left. He gave me a rating of 25 for the left and 20 for the right. Not much to be done yet and again, as with my Neuropathy it's a question of what is the cause... stiffening of the bones (yea yea Bobbie get it out of your system, I said 'stiffening of the bones') or blockage from my sinuses and ears. So for the next few months I have to snort a steroid twice a day and then have another test. If it's a question of a blockage then I continue with the snorting, if it's the stiff bones then it's a question of time and then a possible surgery...

So, that was my long weekend... filled with highs and lows... a little pain a little joy... and yes Maria it was a 4 day weekend! MUAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So how y'all been?

- - - - -

* Apologies to Captain Sensible


joe*to*hell said...

thats quite an update
i cant compare.
highs and lows alright.

ayem8y said...

Getting older is rough...falling apart while simultaneously staying in shape. It sucks. I plan to gracefully wield a cane, use an ear horn, grow fat and place my hair, teeth and eyeball on the nightstand. The transformation should be complete this Fall.

Mitzi said...

Vos jambes, vos pieds et maintenant vos oreilles. Kitty, you seem to be in a worse state than China! Bloody Diabetes!

I am going to Meadowhall today and I'll be on the lookout for one of those Wii Fit they look fun, and I live for fun.

Misster Kitty said...

I totally blame my parents crap DNA... and I don't know whether it's being pro-active or being a hypochondriac, but whenever my parents announce a new malady I make an appointment to see my Dr and thus fat it's about 70% accurate that I've got the same thing!

It was actually a good weekend just a tad too 'hospitally' for me but then whatcha gonna do?

Hey ayem8y i hope your documenting the process with pics at least!

and Mitz you MUST buy the Wii I swear it's more addictive than Leopard print... (well for me at least that's saying a LOT!)

Maria said...

I pulled my back and am on Robaxacit or something like that.
Just getting in and out of the car is frustrating.

Oh, and last night driving home at around 8:30 pm some woman pulled up next to me with her window rolled down and started blowing kisses at me and telling me she loved me... sonny boy was like "whats she doing?"

I just thought to myself that there seems to be more crazy people roaming the streets amongst us then in the hospitals...
Who even does sh*t like that?

Misster Kitty said...

mmmm robaxacet... srool They are so good with a Gin n Tonic!

Sorry to hear of the back problem I know it ain't no fun...

As for your almost lesbionic moment... you shoulda kissed her, maybe you'd have liked it... and then every time you heard that lame ass Katy Perry song on the radio you could secretly smile... and who knows... maybe the Hub would like it too!

But if that's what goes for crazy now a day I say bring a lot more of it... far better than the assholes I run across.

Maria said...

The pills are helping a little but the back is still aching.

As for hubs liking it, sonny boy told him when we got home and he started laughing... probably a wicked laugh if you ask me. As for the song by Katy Perry I hate that freakin' song!!

We all come across A-holes, isn't that what life is all about? If not for the A-holes life would be boring! no?

Newsguy Bob said...

Maria: The full moon makes people do crazy things. Trust me: after almost 30 years in various newsrooms, I can document it.

Kitty: For someone I've nevere met, you sure know me well. But I didn't know you're diabetic, too.

I haven't blogged much lately, but with the house hunt hitting high gear minutes from now, I hope to have lots of material to share in the near future.