Wednesday, September 24, 2008

YAY! Cloris is still on the show!

But whoda thunk it'd be Ted McGinley that was going home tonight? Not I.

And let me, for the record just say that the Jonas Brothers ought to be drawn and quartered. Lordy but there's no talent there, and they're not even cute!?!?!?

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ayem8y said...

I love Clitoris and Ted McGinley has always made me get a little sticky. I have to agree with you on the Jonas Brothers because they really suck. All of today’s music sucks. Here’s the part where the kids say that I’m and old fart and just don’t get it. I say wake up you dumb sheep do you kids have braces on your brains? I mean really do you just buy everything they slap together and shovel down your throats? Where is the quality? Where is the discerning taste of this sad generation? Where are the subversives? It’s sad because they will have absolutely no musical legacy to look back on when they get older. It will be even sadder at the twenty-year high school reunion when they start to play Britney. I’m done…really I feel a whole lot better…Whew that was a load off…