Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Outta line

So I had to run into the Dollar Store on my lunch hour to pick up a few cleaning supplies (HEY! Don’t judge me, Why spend $5.00 plus for a bottle of Oxyclean when you can get it for a $1 ?!?!?!)

ANYhoo... I get what I gotta get then head to the cash. I weigh my options, the line with 20 old ladies or the line with one young lady and an old man... I choose the short line DUH... It’s ONE woman with a cart of 25 things or so and an old man with a bag of butterscotch candies vs a million old ladies with pretty plastic things… what would you have done?

Well as you can imagine… that was a mistake because after being in line for about 5 minutes while the lady was rung through, and while the TWO cashiers smiled and indicated for me and Old Man River to be patient (which we had been) we stood there thinking we’d be next. They finished up with the lady and then turned their signs to “Closed. Next Cash please”

EX-FUCKING-SCUSE ME?!?! It – was - on!

But before I could start, Mr Butterscotch went off like only an old man can… and I couldn’t understand a flipping word. So I just sighed extremely loud and said “JE-ZUZ FUCKING CHRIST!”

One of the cashiers looked at me and had the nerve to say “Excuse me sir, but you are out of line!”

I replied, “No. Actually, if you care to look, Me and my friend here are IN line. In the line we’ve been in now for over five minutes patiently waiting our turn. You saw us and even asked us to be patient. Well we’re no longer patient, we’re pissed. You COULD have turned the signs around before we got in line, but you didn’t Blanche. So, you’re going to pass both of us before you go for your smoke, or your lunch or where-ever it is you think you’re going.”

“Sir, I do not have to take this abuse…”

“Yes you do. And if you don’t want this to get much MUCH uglier, because I assure you it can, then you’ll ring us both through. Now.”

Amazingly we were both rung through.

When I left I said, "Have a nice day!" And I left a penny tip. :-)

Ya know, I don’t look for this shit to happen but when it does, I’m packing heat.

- - - - -

And my GOD that felt good.

To celebrate I had sushi for lunch!


Newsguy Bob said...

What else would a Kitty have for a celebratory lunch but raw fish?

Good on ya, Kitty. For a bitch, you sure got a big set.

Misster Kitty said...

Damn straight!

They're practically elephantine!

xup said...

Man, I hope I never get on the wrong side of you. As an offering of love against any possible future transgretions here is a link for google analytics since you were asking on my blog the other day: (I don't know if you saw, but Casual Perfectionist kindly provided this for you)

Misster Kitty said...

Thanks ZXUUP, no I hadn't seen the link yet, it was maddnes at work today so I had no time to catch up on other blogs, I was far too occupied with all the other insane activities I saw or was a part of.

The good thing with me, for the record, is that you know where you stand with me. I either like you or I don't As it is with my opinions of any and everything. I have very few grey zones... you my dear are on the niec list... :-)