Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yes Master.

Sit back, it's Meme-Time!

It's the Genie Meme.

First, the rules...
(we gays love rules)

· link back to your genie.
· tag anyone you like.
· you are allowed ONLY three wishes for each question, so at NO point may you ask for more wishes. if you do, you will be instantly disqualified and a plague of termites will descend upon your home. your hard drive porn files will be completely erased and replaced with vacation pics from the Harper / Bush / [enter your country's current political leader here] family (depending on which county you hail from), a thousand fleas will invade your armpits, a thousand crabs will invade your crotch, your toilet won't flush but will back up... you get the picture...

Here we go...

Gay Genie #1
(ain't he cute?)

· first and foremost, I want my foreskin back (AND in full working order, I just don't want it plunked down on the coffee table)
· I want Steve Kelso's body
· 20/20 vision

Gay Genie #2
(ok not so cute, but still... Gay)

Love life?

· A little more naughty-naughty
· Spontaneity
· OK, basically like a Colt/Titan/BushCreek "film"

Gay Genie #3
(Toooooooooootally Gay! Seriously, how many times was he in a dress AND kissing men?! and all the show tunes?! PLEASE!)

Global village?

· no more disease
· no more republicans/conservatives/communists/right-wing arseholes etc etc
· end to global warming / environmental issues

Gay Genie #4
(Gay: check. Genie: check)

· writer for some terribly witty show
· nobel peace prize
· singer and record only one CD that will eclipse all CDs before it. - duos with C.Lauper, A.Lennox, K.Bush etc etc etc

Gay Genie #5
(Shut up, you KNOW this is fucking GENIUS!)

Sex with celebrities?
(if I must)
· Robbie Williams
· Dave Navarro
· Colin Ferrall

Gay Genie #6
(Mekaleka-hi, Meka-hiney-GAY!)

· Well off. (REALLY well off... I'm thinking something in the 50+ million range)
· International traveller
· Live to the age of 99

Gay Genie #8
(This is a 'G'-rated still from a little gay porn called "Wet Dream of Genie" Don't ask me how I know, just accept it and move on)

I tag:
· Mitz
· N@

MY Genie: Why... Kevin (aka Shirley Heezgay) of course!


xup said...

Thanks Kitty - this is insaaaaaane! I like it so much I'm making a whole new page on my blog for it instead of just a post. That way I can work on it for a bit and anybody who wants to can pick it up!! One question: How come Genie #8 doesn't have a category? Doesn't he grant wishes??

Misster Kitty said...

Well I had an extra Genie left over so he's the Genie of the Tag ;-)

Apteryx said...

I love Jambi!